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About Curaçao

About Curaçao

What makes Curacao special among Caribbean islands? Authenticity. For centuries, we have forged a vibrant and rich culture rooted in history and hospitality. Our heritage is both European and African – representing more than 50 nationalities. We speak Dutch, Spanish, and English – as well as a local language, Papiamentu, a colorful Creole dialect.


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Discover Diving & Restaurant is a complete PADI DIVE RESORT, which means we offer you the highest quality for diving and snorkling. You can use the many facilities at our base like rental, shop, showers, restrooms, air fill station, dry racks and more. You can do your diving course from beginner to divemaster.For the full pricelist click here 

For the certified diver we have a daily nice diving program like "the caves of Lagun", Mushroom forest, Mako's Mountain, Black Coral Gardens or Superior Producer.

Cas Abou Beach

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With its clear turquoise sea, swaying palm trees and white sand beach is Cas Abao Beach a really dream Beach.

Cas Abao is Located on the North-Western coast of Curacao. Cas Abao is one of the most beautiful beaches, ideal for family and water sports.

At the popular daiquiri bar you can get the most delicious cool smoothies and daiquiris. Open every day for lunch and snacks.

Do not forget to also enjoy the water! Go scuba diving or snorkeling, step in a kayak, on the banana boat or hop on the water trampoline and discover that Cas Abao Beach is a paradise, above and under water.

In short : Cas Abou Beach has all the ingredients for a wonderful day on the beach.


Enjoy the water! Go scuba diving or snorkeling, step in a kayak, on the banana boat or hop on the water trampoline and discover that Cas Abao Beach is a paradise, above and under water. 

Scuba Diving
Banana Boat
Water Trampoline

Kokomo Beach

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Vaersenbaai, now Kokomo Beach, has been completely renovated. Kokomo Beach is equipped with all facilities for a wonderful day on the beach. There is a restaurant, bar, beach bar and sun beds on the beach are for rent. Palm trees provide shade. The beach is accessible free of charge. There are toilets and showers and the toilet and the restaurant are both accessible for disabled guest.

In the sea, for the dock is located a raft, there are massage treatments, a diving school and a beach shop with a small museum. Since the renovation is Kokomo Beach one of the most popular beaches of Curacao.

Kokomo Beach Party

The Full Moon party is a monthly dance event held on Kokomo Beach! The first edition took place on Friday 9 March and attracted more than 1500 visitors! The last edition attracted nearly 2200 visitors! The Full Moon parties are for the time being the largest beach events of Curacao in 2012! If you are on Curacao during a Full Moon party then make sure you`re there and don`t miss it! 

Koraal Tabak

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The area around the St. Jorisbay is known as a former residence of Indians. There are traces everywhere around the Bay. Also in the ridge North of the Bay, there are clear indications of the stay of the Indians.

There is a large cave. The cave bears the name Kueba Koraal Tabak. This cave is easily accessible through a good walkable path upwards. That leads to the entrance of the cave, where a small effort needs to be done to actually get into it. Once inside you can see how big the cave is. He is well lit by various openings, but dark enough for a large collection of bats.

The room has an exit to above. There you can get through it and that brings you on a plateau with a beautiful  view of the surrounding area and the sea.